The Hummingbird

Jewellery is the universe par excellence of Ollivier Savéo. With a wealth of professional and multi-cultural experience, Ollivier loves to sublimate nature’s beauty and in particular this famous and tiny creature: the hummingbird.

Elected meilleur ouvrier de France (French Master Craftsman) in the Jewellery and Precious Metal category in 2000, his jewellery collections are genuine works of art. The Hummingbird Collection is a hymn to the bucolic universe. The fabulous hummingbirds are remarkably rapid and are endowed with incredible colors, which have led to his sublime creations in gold, often set with previous gemstones.

The Hummingbird Collection is available as a pendant, necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings so that every woman can find the jewel to suit her – which, of course, can be personalized upon request.