Canopy Collection

Ollivier develops a concept, an idea, works with various materials precious or not, then conceives the jewel like an artistic expression portraying a scene in nature.

The Canopy Collection is inspired by the flora of a tropical forest. The extreme diversity of this tropical realm, brimming with incredible forms and colours, supplied the ambience to the sublime gold creations, often set with precious stones. Composed with several types of orchids like the lady’s slipper, the butterfly orchid (phalaenopsis) or even the famous hibiscus plant, the Canopy Collection transports us from flower to flower as if by magic.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces … so many parures become alive in the hands of Ollivier. As a master craftsman, he is capable of creating and producing all his own ideas.

Patience, perseverance, exigence, precision and a great creativity are the qualities of this golden-fingered artist.