An exceptional artist – jeweller

Having become a fashion accessory after a logical patrimonial purchase and an impulsive buy, numerous pieces of jewellery today have lost their air of respectability. Very much aware of the phenomenon and his mastery of the applied arts, Ollivier Savéo proposes veritable and unique jewellery imbued with emotion.

Elected meilleur ouvrier de France (French Master Craftsman) in the Jewellery and Precious Metal category in 2000, his jewellery collections are genuine works of art. After fifteen years as the head of several leading watch and jewellery groups, he gives free rein to his talent as an artist through his own jewellery collections using the name Ollivier Savéo.

Luxury rhymes with rarity and Ollivier understood that concept by associating his exceptional savoir-faire and creativity to achieve perfection. His creations are veritable and exclusive works of art, pervaded with poetry – a distinctive indication of French jewellery.

Ollivier conceives and produces his jewels entirely in precious metals (gold, platinum, silver). He hand sculpts each piece in the traditional manner in a bloc of wax, then creates all his oeuvres, even the most modest, by assembling the elements, one by one, that form his jewel, unlike industrial products that are produced rapidly to gain time to arrive at a cheaper price.

In addition, the smallest details are handmade using a binocular loupe. Certain elements are left untreated by choice to add contrast. All these details increase the creative time, lead to additional difficulties, but for Ollivier these are the signs of perfection and love of the art that permit him to propose a work art rather than a marketing product, a philosophy that in his eyes, is the difference between real luxury and mass-production.

Only the final result counts: an irreproachable quality filled with emotion.